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  • Gary L. Hale

IFCA Hall of Fame induction July 17th 2023

From the IFCA Website: On Monday, July 17, 2023, Nine sons of Fort Wayne area football will be honored for their contributions on and off the field. From humble beginnings to the greatest stages, these men have left a lasting legacy of excellence in the Fort Wayne area and around the world. This induction banquet is an opportunity to honor them and their families for their contributions and sacrifices. It is an evening of fellowship with family, old friends, teammates, competitors, coaches, officials, media members, and anyone else who has been impacted by the lives and influences of these 9 football legends.

Fort Wayne Sports Journal will be on hand as these greats will be honored-Jason Baker, Johnny Bright, Dale and Dean Dorerffler, Vaughn Dunbar, Trai Essex, Jason Fabini, Bernard Pollard, and Anthony Spencer.

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